Black and Red

Prompt: Tell someone’s story in exactly 150 words.

She loved before
she knew what love 
meant. Before reality 
set it. Before she grew up.
Before she lost everything
when it was ripped from her hands.

She forgot what love
meant. To her. To
them. Revenge is sickly 
sweet. Stupid kids
didn’t deserve it. 
It killed her. That’s how
she knew
she loved them again.

She saved them. Every 
one of them. Until 
one of them was left. 
She couldn’t let him
go. Revenge was bittersweet,
lost kids, lost girl, lost boy in 
between. She loved him.

She saved him. 
It killed her. (But she was
okay with that). It destroyed
him. (What was left
of him). But he would-
would he?- carry on.

And those stupid kids
that she loved, that
she saved,
turned against him. 
She didn’t save them-
didn’t die- for this.

So she came back
to him. Both darkened
but not defeated; 
relearning to love.

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