Folie à Deux

Prompt: Put your music library on shuffle. Write a scene inspired by the album cover that comes up first.

Album: Folie à Deux – Fall Out Boy

Her walls were red. I’d never met someone before who would choose to paint their living room such a dark colour, but oddly enough, it suited her. 

I had never been to her place before, but after a particularly long evening out, she invited me over. I wasn’t sure, exactly, what I was expecting. I suppose I wasn’t expecting anything. Our relationship had already lasted longer than I had originally thought it would- and that wasn’t a bad thing. When I first met her, I was instantly hooked. She was gorgeous. Everything about her: her hair, her skin, her eyes, and the way she was so unapologetically herself. She never stood down, not for anything. Her passion was unlike anything I had seen before. 

I was nothing like that.

I had no drive, no strength of character, not like her. I apologized ten times for everything, and I’d rather stay silent than speak up. I tried to impress her, when I first met her. I tried to act charming and tough, fit in with her scene, but she saw straight through me. You couldn’t fool her if you tried. But for some reason, she didn’t immediately turn me away. She asked me out, and I somehow managed to say yes. 

After that, every night was a whirlwind. Food trucks on the pier one night, stargazing on the hill the next. Everything was special with her. Nothing was planned, exactly, but we always ended up exactly where we needed to be. The moments that we shared together were always so… intentional. Nothing happened by accident, even though everything was spontaneous. She was so spontaneous. She showed me a new side of myself. 

I know exactly the moment I fell in love with her. 

It was the moment she told me, “You choose.”

It was the moment that confirmed what I had hoped all along.

That was also the night she told me she loved me. After I pulled two cans of spray paint out of my backpack. After we signed our initials on the old brick warehouse. After we got lost in the back alleyways and walked beside the abandoned railroad tracks. After we kissed under a million stars and stopped thinking. After we walked for hours and hours and hours.

She told me she loved me and I think I melted. 

I told her I loved her and the biggest smile I’d ever seen split across her face. 

She brought me home to her red walls and her leather couch and her cat, with a squashed face. and I didn’t know it was possible to feel so at home in a place I had never been before. 

She felt like home. 

She felt like home and love, art and beauty, passion and hard work. 

And it suddenly felt like we ended up exactly where we needed to be.

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