Prompt: Write a narrative poem by taking an ordinary memory and building up specific details surrounding it. Think of the memory as “the base” of the poem but then try to fly away from it a little by incorporating other images, ideas or memories from that same time period. (Credit to Chris Banks)

It’s winter, no snow. I don’t think
there was snow. Can’t remember,
can’t care, don’t care. She’s at
a party, could you call it that?
Birthday this, birthday that.
Call them friends. Call them
friends. They don’t listen. She
thought she didn’t care. They
don’t. Watch Netflix – we don’t
care, they don’t care. Play cards – 
we don’t care, they don’t care.
Cry, why don’t you. You don’t care. 
Talk for hours. They care, only about
them. She listens. They can’t care,
don’t care. “Don’t interrupt,” they
interrupt, again and again and
again and again. “You talk too much,”
they say to her silence. “No offence,”
can’t care, don’t care. And the tears, 
oh the tears. Cry, why don’t you. It seems
so ingenuine. In the night, she can’t
sleep, she can’t breathe. Panic attacks
from “friends” she told herself she
didn’t care. They’re too busy crying
‘cause nothing’s going right. (They’re
the victims, haven’t you heard? Cry,
why don’t you.) She told herself
she didn’t care. She didn’t sleep, she’s
too sick. They make her sick. She goes
home early. She’s so sick. They cry.
(They’re the victims, haven’t you heard?)
Can’t care, don’t care. And she’s
the one apologizing. Sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Walk on
eggshells, lest they cry. Always the
victims. Haven’t you heard? She talks
too much. She talks too much and they
not enough. Haven’t you heard them
interrupt? Interrupt and overrule, we’re
so much better than you, but we’ll
never say it. So she told herself
she didn’t care. Google search:
“How to break up with your friends.”

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