Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Prompt: Write something inspired by the title of a book you’ve never read.

Book: Girls Made of Snow and Glass – Melissa Bashardoust

We were silver and gold, trembling
but not shivering, glistening,
but not glimmering, we were like
stars. We tore ourselves apart,
like broken mirrors, distorting
our reflections, who were we
then? Like stars, distant but
dead. Like snowfalls, endless but
empty. Like iridescent glass,
beautiful but deadly. Such
madness, such simplicity,
such chaos, such divinity,
tell me if you’ll save me or
don’t. I’ll die either way, but
I’m not made of glass. I’m
not made of snow. I’ve 
played with fire, and 
last I checked, snow 
doesn’t burn. Glass 
doesn’t have a heart
to break. Snow and glass
cannot hurt. So tell me,
will you save me? Don’t
let me die alone.

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