I Hate You So Much

Prompt: Put your music library on shuffle. Write a scene inspired by the first song that comes on.

Song: I Hate You So Much – Anarbor

The sky’s darkening.

It’s just after sunset, all the colours still streaked through the sky, spilled paints across the clouds.

A little bit dramatic, but then again, I’ve always been a little bit dramatic.

I pull my car to a stop at the edge of the cliff, and step out. I straighten my tie and glance out over the city. I’ll be sad when I leave for good to night. I’ll be sad when I leave the glittering skyline in my rear view mirror, I’ll be sad when I ditch this car on the side of a road somewhere, I’ll be sad when I never come back to my lab, where my life’s work will gather dust for who knows how long.

I will be sad. But for now, I’m just filled with rage.

I pull my keys out of my suit pocket and pop open the trunk. As I walk over, I put on my sunglasses so that when I look down at her, gagged and bound, she can’t see my eyes. I don’t want her to see the glimmer of humanity, the spark of weakness she must’ve seen in me.

But I hope she likes the view. She’ll think it’s overly dramatic, I’m sure, but I always thought sunsets were the perfect time for an execution.

I pull her out of the trunk, let her fall to the ground, then grab her by the arm, dragging her towards the edge.

“It’s a steep drop,” I comment, releasing my hold on her. I stuff my hands in my pockets.

She glares at me from the ground, but she doesn’t run. She’s far too smart to do that. She knows me well enough to know there’ll be a bullet in her skull before she takes three steps.

I sneer at her. “Did you really love me? Or was it all an act? So you could find out where my weapons are and steal them for your boss?”

No response. Not even a nod.

“You know, I’ve known about your little game for a while now.”

A slight crease appears between her eyebrows, for the briefest moment. I chuckle.

“Oh yes. I’ll admit, you had me fooled for a while there.” I grab her chin, and pull her up until we’re almost face-to-face. “But not even you could get away with this.”

She struggles against my grip and I sigh. “God, I hate you so much.” I take a step towards the edge. “I should’ve known better than to let my guard down for a snake like you.”

I push her. She stumbles, trips, and plummets toward the ground. I watch her fall, her hair blowing around her head, hiding her face. She finally hits the ground with a loud crack.

I exhale. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so glad it’s over. 

I get into my car, turn the key in the ignition, and pull the car back onto the main road. In the distance, I hear sirens. I can’t help but smile. They’ll be glad to find her body- a supervillain’s death will make the headlines. Everyone will want to know who managed to do it. 

I wonder if I’ll make the suspect list. They haven’t been able to find me so far, I doubt they’ll find me now.

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