No Loose Ends

Prompt: Write a scene that takes place at a fancy party. The main character is not supposed to be there.

“Okay Sasha, how are we doing?”

Sasha’s voice crackles through my earpiece. “Everything’s in place, boss. Whenever Z’s ready.”

“Good,” I reply. “You in place, Z?”

“Just about. Stall for another minute, will you?” says Z’s voice.

“Hurry it up, Z,” snaps Sasha. “Cass, you’ve got incoming.”

“I see him,” I say calmly. “Don’t rush it. We’ve got plenty of time, but no redos if this goes south.”

The line goes silent and I smile broadly as the man approaches, wearing an expensive suit and a cheap smile. “Good evening,” he says.

“Mr. Davenport!” I gush. “It’s an honour!”

“Please, the honour’s all mine. I don’t believe we’ve met, Miss…?”

“Stringer. Paula Stringer.”

“Paula Stringer?” He frowns. “Who are you with?”

“I’m actually Celine Kim’s personal assistant.”

“Really?” He seems impressed.

I nod. “I’m lucky to have the job.”

Davenport chuckles. “No such thing as luck in this town. Here, it’s all about your skill and perseverance.”

“We’re in place, Cass,” says Z. “Get out of there.”

I give him a thin smile. “I couldn’t agree more. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Miss Kim is waiting for her drink.”

I steer myself towards the refreshments, but when I’m sure no one’s looking, I duck into a hallway off the main room. I know the layout like the back of my hand.

“I’m out. Light it up.”

“With pleasure.”


In the near distance, an explosion rocks the building. I hear guests screaming in the ballroom, but they’re not in any danger. Z is a master at calibrating charges to do exactly what she wants them to do. The explosion will serve as a distraction until Sasha and I can-

“There you are!”

Sasha grins at me from the end of the hallway. I run to meet her, and she lifts up a bag in her hands.

“We’re good?” I ask.

“Oh, we’re more than good. We’re golden.”

“Let’s get a move on,” I say. “Z should be at the car already.”


Sasha opens the door behind her and we step out onto a balcony. It’s dead silent on this side of the building, but we can just hear the din of the chaos on the opposite side. We scale the wall, all three floors, until we’re safely on the ground. Then sprint for the far road, where there will be no traffic at this time of night. When we arrive, the engine’s already roaring, with Z sitting in the back and Sparrow strapped into the driver’s seat. Sasha climbs in beside Z, and I slide into the front.

“We’re clear,” I say. “No loose ends.”

Sasha cheers, and Sparrow speeds off into the night.

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