Prompt: “You only heard his side. You don’t know the truth.”

The night is too beautiful for this. 

I lean against the door of my car. My headlights are both shattered, the front bumper caved in. His car is worse- completely totaled. It was a piece of shit anyways. Nick is crawling out of the driver’s seat, wincing as he cuts open his arm on the broken window. He manages to squeeze out, then looks up at me and goes pale. White as a ghost. 

“H-hey, Chris!” he manages, his teeth chattering. “You… how’ve you been?”

My lip curls and I straighten up. His face crumples and he scrambles backwards, but I’m far too quick for him. I grab him by the front of his shirt, and lift him up until we’re face-to-face. He swallows and offers me a weak smile. “Look, I know how this looks-”

I shove him to the ground. His back lands flat and he coughs. His eyes are panicked, but the rest of his face is put together. The facade cracks when I draw my pistol, and he raises his hands.

“Woah, hey, there’s no need… there’s no need for all of that, is there?” he tries. “Come on, Chris, we’re friends…”

He disgusts me. I’ve killed a lot of people, but this one will be different. It’s personal this time. 

“Who was it?” he asks. I know he’s trying to distract me. It won’t work. 

“It was Darren, wasn’t it? Darren gave you the contract?”

My hand tightens, but I don’t raise the gun. Not yet. 

Nick swallows, and attempts a smile again. “You only heard his side. You don’t know the truth.”

Now I raise the gun, and he really starts sweating. He can barely look me in the face. “What are you gonna tell me, Nick?” I sneer. “You gonna tell me you didn’t lie about everything?”

He edges backward, so I take two steps forward.

“You gonna tell me that you haven’t been stealing money? ‘Cause we both know that’s bullshit, Nick.” 


“What, Nick? I’m better than this? I’m stronger than this? You know I’m not. But at least I’m better than you.”

His gaze snaps to me, and suddenly his eyes are like fire. “I made you,” he snarls. “You would be nothing without me.” 



His eyes widen, and he crumples immediately. He should be proud. Hit his forehead dead centre. 

I discard the gun beside Nick’s body, and shove my hands in my pockets. I leave both cars where they are; it’s a rural road, but they’ll find them in the morning. As I walk down the road, I glance up at the sky. 

The night truly is too beautiful for this. 

But the night continues on. And so do I.

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