Taking the Shot

Prompt: “How are you feeling?” “I think you broke my fingers.”

She dropped from the window, glass spraying across the concrete as she landed on her back. He followed a moment after. He groaned as his spine cracked against the rock.

She let out a cough and forced herself to get up. They didn’t have much time. 

“How are you feeling?” he muttered from the ground. 

“I think you broke my fingers.”

“Mm.” He struggled as he climbed to his knees. “You’re fine.”

She tested her fingers. He was right, as usual. 

“Can you still shoot?” he asked. 

“Obviously. Did they see us?” A moment later, the alarm went off, two stories above them. 

His voice was flat. “Yes, Tess, they definitely saw us.” 

“Shit, shit, shit,” she hissed. “We’re dead.”

“The question now is who’ll get to us first, the boss or the target.” His voice softened. “They might not have seen our faces.”

“I hope not. Where is she now?”

“Didn’t see. Probably heading back to the dining room, first floor. They’ll have the whole building locked down before the police even arrive.”

She craned her neck. “Can we get up to the roof of that building?” She pointed to a low roof across the street.

“Yeah.” He glanced over. “Fire escape, no problem. Hurry.”

They sprinted across the road, keeping to the shadows where they could and trusting each other to watch the other’s backs. They reached the fire escape in less than a minute and without a word, he boosted her up. A moment later, she reached down and pulled him up. They raced to the roof and in a second, she was set up. 

Now she just had to make the shot. 

“Can you see the target?” he murmured. 

“Yep. She’s sitting by the window.”

“How’s the wind?”


She aimed carefully, making use of the precious few seconds they had. She only had one chance. If she missed this, it wouldn’t be just her fate that was sealed. She would condemn him as well. She took a deep breath and tightened her focus. 

And she pulled the trigger. 

The window shattered and the target crumpled. Instantly, people were screaming, and she snapped up her rifle, ducking out of sight. 

“Nice,” he said.  

“Thanks,” she replied. Then she grinned. “Let’s go get our payment.”

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