The Early Arrival

Prompt: “You’re early,” said the Grim Reaper, with a hint of surprise. 

“You’re early,” said the Grim Reaper, with a hint of surprise. 

I plop down on the sofa. It’s more comfortable than I thought it would be. “Yeah, thought I’d swing by.”

The Grim Reaper raises an eyebrow. “Can I get you anything? Tea?”

“Coffee would be great. Thanks, Grim.”

The Grim Reaper shakes their head. “You would be a coffee person.”

“I like it black. Like my soul.” 

A steaming mug of coffee materializes on the side table. 

“I can assure you, your soul is nowhere near black.”

I take a sip. “What colour is it, then?”

They consider it. A tall glass filled with a suspicious looking substance appears in their bony hand. “It’s a sort of… blue colour.”


“Cerulean,” they offer. 

I sigh. “Disappointing. Not as edgy as I would’ve liked.”

The Grim Reaper tilts their head. “Is there something I can help you with? Your scheduled death date isn’t until…” They hesitate. “… Later.”

I nod thoughtfully. “I was wondering about those. Death dates.”

“What about them?”

“Can you… change them?”

The Grim Reaper leans forward with a small smile. “I can.”

“What does it cost?”

“For every day I postpone someone’s death date, you must sacrifice one of your own days. I’ve had clients who give up a few days at the end of their life so they can prolong a dying loved one’s life. Give them a chance to die among friends and family. If that’s what you w-”

“What if I move up someone’s death date?”

The Grim Reaper frowns. “As in… make their death come sooner?”

“Yeah. Like, do I win their days? Can I shorten their life and make mine longer?”

“Uh, I’ve never done that before. I mean, I guess I could-” 

“Perfect.” I grin and take another sip of my coffee. “I have a lot of life goals. Immortality will make that much easier.”

The Grim Reaper takes a sip of their own drink. “You do realize people have a limited number of days you can… take from them. Yes?”

“I have a very long list of people I hate.”

“And the effect this will have on your soul would be-”

“Will it turn black?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Will it send me to Hell?”

Technically, there’s no such thing as Hell, but-”

“Then I guess it doesn’t matter, does it?” I lean back on the couch, make myself comfortable. “I look forward to spending more time with you, Grim.”

The Grim Reaper sighs. “Please don’t call me that.”

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