Special Moments

Empty stage. 

KATIE walks to the centre of the stage. Her face lights up. 

KATIE: It’s snowing! Everyone, come outside, it’s snowing!

Her friends, MICHAEL, OLIVIA, KEVIN, and PENNY, join her onstage. Olivia is holding a book, and Penny is holding her phone. 

KATIE, looking up: Look! It’s so beautiful!

MICHAEL: Come on, Katie. We can’t just sit and watch the snow. 

OLIVIA: We have work to do. 

KATIE: Work?

OLIVIA: Did you forget about the group project? 

KATIE: But it’s snowing! Can’t we take a short break?

Michael laughs. 

MICHAEL: A break? So we can play in the snow? We’re not kids anymore, Katie. 

A pause. Penny starts scrolling through her phone and Olivia starts flipping through her book.  

KEVIN, shivering: Yeah, can we hurry up? It’s freezing.

KATIE: Come on, Kevin. Maybe it’s a little cold out, but isn’t it worth it? Don’t you love the way the sky fills with thousands of tiny pieces of snow, all drifting towards the ground? 

OLIVIA, still reading her book: If we don’t start working on this project soon, I’m going to have so much homework over winter break. 

KATIE: It’s not that much homework… 

MICHAEL: Besides, it’s not like you have anything else to be doing. Weren’t you going to read for fun anyways? 

OLIVIA: Yeah, but-

KATIE, interrupting: Wait, what do you mean? You don’t have anything else to be doing? Don’t you celebrate the holidays?

They all exchange glances, except for Penny.

KEVIN: I guess. 

MICHAEL: Nobody really celebrates the holidays when they get older.

KATIE: I do. 

MICHAEL: Yeah, but you also get excited when it snows. 

KATIE: You’re telling me none of you care about the holidays anymore?

Michael shrugs. Kevin shakes his head. Olivia looks uncomfortable. 

OLIVIA: I do, I just… I’m busy… 

KATIE: Doing homework? Come on, Olivia, you’re a good student! Can’t you just take a break and enjoy life a little bit? The holidays are when you get to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the traditions that you share. Those things are special! Why can’t you see that anymore?

She takes the book from Olivia. 

KATIE: You’re too lost in your books. 

She looks at Michael and Kevin. 

KATIE: Or… or trying to look cool. 

She spins around to face Penny. 

KATIE: And you! Penny, you’re so absorbed in your phone that you haven’t been part of this conversation at all! 

Katie grabs Penny’s phone. 

PENNY: Hey!  

KEVIN, to MICHAEL: She sounds like our parents.

KATIE: But I’m right! We give our lives meaning when we let ourselves appreciate little things.

Katie gestures up at the sky.

KATIE: Like how beautiful snow is.

A pause.

OLIVIA, softly: … Or how good hot chocolate tastes?

KATIE, laughing: Exactly!

Another pause, longer this time.

PENNY: But we already know that. 

Everyone looks at her.

PENNY: I mean, I know I shouldn’t spend hours on Instagram. I know that when I hang out with my friends, their company matters more than the perfect picture. I know all that.

KATIE: … But sometimes we get lost. We forget to live in the moment, so worried about our next assignment, or how many likes we have, or what people think of us. I think everybody does that. But we can all make an effort to make moments special. Especially on days like holidays, because those are inherently special! Kevin, what’s your favourite holiday tradition?

KEVIN: My… what?

KATIE: You said you don’t care about the holidays, but you must have a special tradition in your family. What did you love about the holidays when you were younger?

Kevin mumbles. Katie looks expectantly at him and he sighs. 

KEVIN: Okay, okay. I really loved the desserts my dad makes. And I loved helping him in the kitchen. And… and I still do. 

PENNY: My whole extended family always gets together to celebrate. There’s a big meal, and we all exchange gifts, and tell stories and jokes. 

OLIVIA: My family and I always do a holiday movie marathon. We eat sweets and snacks and watch our favourite movies. 

KATIE, grinning: My family always has the same meal every year. Everyone loves it. 

Everyone looks at Michael. 

MICHAEL: … What?

OLIVIA: Don’t you have a holiday tradition, Michael?

A pause. 

MICHAEL, quietly: We have a gift exchange. 

Katie nods, still smiling. 

KATIE: Nice.

MICHAEL: … That’s it?

KATIE: Well, it sounds to me like everyone here has a huge potential of special moments waiting for them this winter break. So promise me you guys will look for them. Don’t let them pass you by. 

PENNY, smiling: I think we can manage that. 

Katie looks up at the sky. 

KATIE: I guess we’ve had a long enough break. We can go work on our project now. 

She starts to walk away. 


Katie stops. 

OLIVIA: We don’t have to right now. We… we really don’t have that much work to do. 

MICHAEL: Let’s… let’s go play in the snow, Katie. 

KATIE: Really? Even though we’re not kids anymore?

MICHAEL: Especially because we’re not kids anymore. 

A pause. Everyone is smiling. 

KEVIN: Race you!

 He takes off. 

PENNY, laughing: Oh, no you don’t!

She runs off after him. 

MICHAEL, to Olivia and Katie, with a smile: Hurry, we’re losing them!

Michael and Olivia run off stage. Katie takes one last look at the sky, a wide smile on her face, then runs after them. 


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